Monday, August 14, 2017

Manitoulin Island - The Largest Fresh Water Island In The World With Heavenly Experience

History and Geography

View From Cup and Saucer Trail Top
Manitoulin Island is a Canadian lake island in Lake Huron, in the province of Ontario. It is the largest freshwater lake island in the world. The current name of the island is the English version, via French, of the historic Odawa name "Manidoowaaling", which means "cave of the spirit." It was named for an underwater cave where a powerful spirit was said to live. Manitoulin Island contains a number of lakes of its own. In order of size, its three most prominent lakes are Lake Manitou, Lake Kagawong and Lake Mindemoya. Each of these three lakes in turn have islands within them, the largest of these being Lake Mindemoya's 82-acre Treasure Island, located in the centre of Manitoulin.

The island has an area of 2,766 km2 (1,068 sq mi), making it the 172nd largest island in the world and Canada's 31st largest island. The island separates the larger part of Lake Huron to its south and west from Georgian Bay to its east and the North Channel to the north. Manitoulin Island itself has 108 freshwater lakes, some of which have their own islands; in turn several of these "islands within islands" have their own ponds. Lake Manitou, at 104 km2 (40 sq mi), is the largest lake in a freshwater island in the world, and Treasure Island in Lake Mindemoya is the largest island in a lake on an island in a lake in the world. Motors are prohibited on boats on Nameless Lake.

The island also has four major rivers: the KagawongManitou RiverBlue Jay Creek in Michael's Bay and Mindemoya rivers, which provide spawning grounds for salmon and trout.

The "Cup and Saucer Trail", which climbs the escarpment, provides a spectacular lookout over the island.

Manitoulin Island Map - Click To Expand

Amazing Trip Through The Most Scenic Route In Ontario

I was lucky to go visit this island last week through the most scenic route in Ontario. This scenic route is also the best during fall for enjoying fall colours. The following video captures a lot of information that may help you in planning your trip to this beautiful island. You can see the following in this video:

- Round trip route details from Toronto through the most scenic route
- Sunset views at Ms Chi-Cheemaun Ferry From Tobermory to South Baymouth
- Cup and Saucer Trail
- Bridal Veil Falls
- Little Current Swing Bridge
- Road biking at the best road bike trails in Ontario
- Many bays including South Bay, Providence Bay, and Green Bay
- Lots of bird watching

We enjoyed every moment on this island. I hope you will enjoy this video as well. Please subscribe and like this video if it helped you in learning or planning your next trip.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

An Amazing Biking Trip To Etobicoke Creek Trail, Brampton Canada

Let's Have Fun

What a wonderful summer with nice temperature which allowed me to do 900 km of biking so far. Over 550 km were done just in Jul. More I bike (cycle) more I fall in love with it. For local friends, Etobicoke Creek Trail is the hidden beauty with connected trails away from traffic for almost 30 km of round trip route. You can run, bike, walk, enjoy cricket (what a beautiful pitch), tennis, soccer, baseball, lake and lot more on this lovely trail.

It runs parallel to the main street across Brampton. You can find all necessary details in this blog/video if you decide to enjoy nature while keeping you active. I heard about this trail and there was no easy way to find the details. I spent some time to put my learning together. I hope you will find it useful.

On a beautiful evening in Jul 2017, I started my ride at steels and main. Round trip journey was almost 30 km which I coved in 1 hour 15 minutes. Trail was amazingly beautiful and not crowded. You can see complete details of this trip in the following video.


This pathway is named after the Etobicoke Creek which runs parallel to the trail. the name etobicoke means, “where the black alders grow”. The Etobicoke Creek played its part in brampton’s development.

Loafers Lake @ Etobicoke Creek Trail
Due to its meandering form, buildings along Main Street North were constructed on unique angles to allow for the natural flow of the Etobicoke Creek. The creek once flowed through the downtown core, and its banks overflowed repeatedly through the first 150 years of Brampton’s history. Completed in 1952, the ambitious engineering project to divert Etobicoke Creek away from the downtown allowed Brampton to prosper.

The multi-use Etobicoke Creek Trail is suitable for walking, jogging, and cycling year-round. There are many wonderful spots on this trail to stop and enjoy the sounds of nature’s wonders. From the Peel Village Golf Course the trail passes under Steeles Avenue. As the Etobicoke Creek Trail meanders through the downtown, a wide variety of cultural and seasonal activities can be accessed by the trail. A farmer’s market is held every Saturday morning during spring, summer, and fall in the Rose Theatre Square. The nearby Gage Park is voted to be one of the top five parks within the Greater Toronto Area. The Peel Heritage Centre is open year-round, or alternatively, Downtown Heritage Walks allow for an up-close look at greenhouses, cemeteries, and historic buildings.